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Centrum Chrześcijańskie „Rzeki Wody Żywej”, ul. Grottgera 17b 76-200 Słupsk


Pastors Ala & Marek Siudek have been in the pastoral ministry since 1999 in the ‘Rivers of the Living Water’ Christian Centre in Słupsk. They have found their passion and fulfilment in this ministry. They experience the Word of God that was given to them through the prophets of God from different parts of the world. They have four wonderful children: Małgorzata, Beata, Justyna and Marcin, who are all involved in the ministry of the local church. They believe in God  and are convinced of  God’s influence through their church on the people of Słupsk, Ustka and the region and also other nations in the future. They are people of faith, passion and commitment toward others. At the very beginning of their ministry they surrendered under the spiritual authority of Pastor Paweł Godawa because they recognised an apostle anointing in him. Their lifes are about experiencing God for real.