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Centrum Chrześcijańskie „Rzeki Wody Żywej”, ul. Grottgera 17b 76-200 Słupsk

Our history

THE HISTORY OF THE CHURCH ‘Rivers of the Living Water’ Christian Centre in Słupsk:

In the year of 1995 pastors: Marek & Ala receive the prophetic word given by pastor Marek Kamiński:
May 3rd ‘… let me alone lead you to the purposes I have set for you’.
November 11th ‘… I will be present in your ministry. The intimacy of My presence in your life will cause that many will not be able to understand you, some will despise and  reject you.’

In the year of 1996, on May 17th the Lord uses an American pastor John Rowe to speak to pastors Ala and Marek: ‘ I will make the way where there is no way. I will open the door that is closed. I am going to use you as a marraige, you will demonstrate the new way of ministry. I am going to use this couple – says the Lord – as a marriage.’

January 2nd 1999, the pastors take part in a church meeting in the Water of Life Christian Centre in Koszalin, where they receive the prophetic word given by an Irish pastor Joe Corry: ‘You have gone through and broken many principalities over your life and over the area, where you used to work, but there are still a few more to be overcome which have to fall down. This is your year! – says the Lord. This is the year of your major victory and break through.’

The first meeting of the church ‘Rivers of the Living Water’ in Słupsk took place on April 18th 1999 in a local community centre. Since that day God’s promises began to come true in pastors’ life.

We entered God’s hidden plan that startet to be clearer.

July 13th 1999 pastor David Lamb from London is ministering to the church and gives prophetic ward from the Lord: ‘Do not be discouraged by small beginnings. I can see a small spring that changes into a stream and then it becomes a river, and the river goes into flood plain; the flood plain becomes a vast reservoir of water. Now you are in a small spring, but its water is the clean water of Holy Spirit’

July 5th 2001, city of Koszalin. Pastor Joe Corry from Ireland prophesies: ‘God is going to add people to you in the near future, who will leave some places and come to you, submit themselves to your authority. Next there will be people who will come to help and support you. Your church is going to grow and become strong!’

July 10th 2001, city of Słupsk. Pastor Joe Corry prophesies: ‘I have given birth to the Vision in your heart, step by step you will move in this city and the results are going to be great. Hundreds and thousands of people will be touched by your ministry… You will not do it alone, I will send others to help you.’

March 2nd 2005. The church received from the local government facilities situated in Filmowa Street number 2, in the city centre of Słupsk. The church meets there at the present time.